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How The Carpet Cleaning Method Affects The Cost

When you are looking at the different ways in which carpet cleaning is done, the methods adopted can have an impact on the costs. Usually, carpet cleaners charge as per the dimensions of the room or have standard rates for standard sizes of rooms. These rates are formed on the basis that a certain carpet cleaning method is employed, such as steam cleaning method which is usually the most popular.

Steam cleaning is considered the best method for most carpet area cleaning requirements. In such a method hot water is extracted out with high pressure in which a cleaning solution is mixed. This rinses the carpet and the moisture that accumulates along with the rinsed residue is sucked out of the carpet. Even though the suction method removes most of the moisture, the carpets need about 24 hours to be completely dry. The equipment that carpet cleaners use in such instances is portable electric devices or equipment that are mounted on vehicles in order to have powerful suction engaged.

Carpet cleaning services that employ steam cleaning usually charge as per the rooms of a standard dimension or could have square foot charges. In the latter case, the charges fall cheaper for a larger home as compared to a smaller home as the costs for labor and equipment are fixed.

The home owners who wish to use a dry cleaning method might be charged extra due to the use of encapsulation cleaning technology and the use of dry cleaning chemicals that will help absorb the dirt when the cleaning equipment is moved over it. Dry cleaning is often found not as effective as a wet steam cleaning method as the chemicals cannot penetrate as deep as hot water and cleaning solution to extract dirt from the deeper fibers. The

Every carpet cleaning method employs a certain technique, equipment, raw material, and expertise. The costs vary accordingly. When it is a popular method used such as steam cleaning, the costs are cheaper as compared to the costs associated with other cleaning methods, where any special cleaning tool, solution or method is used.

The method you should deploy will depend on certain factors. You need to determine which material or fabric your carpet is made of and what kind of cleaning would be most effective for it. You can ask a professional carpet cleaner which method would be ideal and get to know the rates applicable before you take a call.


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