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What Services Do Commercial Cleaners Do?

Perhaps you’ve been considering hiring a commercial cleaning company for your business …

but wondered whether it is actually worth the investment. Well…yes it is, even more than you might think.

commercial cleaners

To grow your business and position it for success, you need to spend your profits wisely and invest in things that add value to your business. Time is highly valuable when it comes to running a business and outsourcing your cleaning jobs to a professional commercial cleaning service allows you to focus more time and effort on running your business.

With that being said, you might be asking yourself, what kinds of services do commercial cleaning companies offer?

A Commercial Cleaners Job Description

The tasks undertaken by commercial cleaners will typically depend on the size and nature of the business they are cleaning for. However, there are some basic cleaning tasks that every cleaning company will handle. This will all depend on the kind of cleaning you need.

For starters, you can hire a commercial cleaner to do regular cleaning which is completed daily, or for deep cleaning which happens on a semi-regular basis, for example, bi-weekly, monthly, or yearly. Cleaning companies also offer carpet cleaning, janitorial services as well as other misc maintenance services like curbing the trash and replacing light bulbs.

Basically, a professional cleaning company will ensure that your commercial building is cleaned to the highest standards.

Remember, the cleanliness of your office building will have a huge impact on how potential customers perceive your business.

In addition, it helps to maintain the health and safety of both your staff and customers.

When it comes to ongoing regular business cleaning, the cleaning company will sweep hard floors and mop using a disinfectant. The carpets will be vacuumed and all surfaces will get a light dusting. The cleaner will also ensure that the kitchens and bathrooms are properly cleaned and disinfected including toilets, sinks, light fixtures as well as high touch-points such as the light switches and doorknobs. The cleaner will also empty the dishwasher and clean the microwave. As you can see, these services tend to creep into janitorial tasks.

It is highly important to empty the trash every day. In addition, it needs to be safely and efficiently removed, especially if your business deals with hazardous materials and other substances that are potentially harmful if not handled correctly. The cleaner will also disinfect your trash cans and replace lines.

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Professional commercial cleaners are also proficient with large-scale cleaning projects. This kind of cleaning typically involves thorough and proper carpet cleaning, window cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and more. The cleaners will clean light fixtures and remove dirt from walls and ceilings. Your floors will be polished and cleaned and the cleaners will also clean the tile grouts.

You can also choose to have the exterior of your office building, which is done using pressure washers. They will clean the doors, brick, siding, and windows.

In order to achieve the highest standards of cleaning, you need to have the proper experience and equipment. Commercial cleaners have professional-grade equipment and have all the relevant training to handle all kinds of cleaning jobs.

The cleaners also utilize high-powered cleaners, acids, and solvents to carry out deep cleaning. These supplies require special care and handling.

To ensure that nothing is left out when undertaking regular and deep cleaning tasks, the cleaners use a checklist.

What are the Risks of DIY or In-House Cleaning?

While using the Do-It-Yourself technique or assigning the cleaning task to your employees might initially seem like an easy and convenient option, it has several downsides. For starters, cleaning tasks aren’t typically part of job description. You didn’t hire this person to do office cleaning in the first place. When they have to deal with cleaning on top of their normal duties, it is highly likely that something won’t be completed to your liking, which can either be their normal job or the cleaning.

Secondly, while you might decide to take on the job yourself, without the proper training and equipment, you might not be able to achieve the standards of cleanliness that your office building deserves.

Remember, professional commercial cleaners have everything it takes to ensure the highest cleaning standards for an office building. You should never skimp on the cleanliness of your building. An unclean office building not only hurts your business but also poses great health risks.

Flexible Scheduling

The last thing you want is your normal business operations interrupted by cleaning tasks. One of the best things about commercial cleaning companies is that they are flexible in their scheduling. They can schedule your deep cleaning outside your business hours ensuring no disruptions and effectively complete your cleaning. On the other hand, if you choose to do this on your own, you won’t have this option.