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Upholstery Cleaning NY

Are you looking for a great upholstery cleaning service New York?

Welcome to Payless Carpet Cleaning for all your upholstery cleaning needs in our New York City and Brooklyn locations.

We are ready to meet your upholstery cleaning needs and guarantee the best results.


Our Process

Once you contact us for upholstery cleaning services, you can enjoy the following process.

1. Pre-inspection to determine the condition of the upholstery

2. Pre-vacuuming

3. Shampooing using the most professional cleaning solutions such as Prochem and PowerBurst.

Our cleaning professionals will also use covers for your floors, especially if you have wood floors to prevent any damages.

4. High-pressure steam extraction using professional cleaning machines (a maximum of 450 psi pressure)

5. Professional odor treatment or light deodorization with deep reaching odor control injections.

6. Stain Removal (usually offered upon request)

7. Scotch guard protection (to prevent any future stains or liquid spills). It is also offered upon request.

8. UV Light treatment for additional virus/bacteria removal upon request.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Equipment

upholstery cleaning demo

We rely on the most professional upholstery cleaning machines (with 120 psi to 450 psi steam pressure). Our professionals will use the right machines depending on the type of fabric on your upholstery. We clean the following types of upholstery.

• Sofas
• Couches
• Arm chairs
• Dining room chairs
• Love seats
• Recliners
• Upholstered walls

We can also handle different types of material such as the following.

• Silk
• Linen
• Velvet
• Wool
• Microfibers
• Cotton
• Polyester
• Suede
We can clean as many as 90% of the fabrics used on modern furniture.

Our Premises Cleaning Process

We also offer on-site cleaning services. Of course, you don’t need to stay without your furniture for a prolonged period as it is cleaned. Our professional cleaners will clean the upholstery at home and air dry it for the best results.

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction Policy

You can always count on 100% guaranteed satisfaction with our upholstery cleaning service. If you are not satisfied, we are ready to do the job again until you are completely satisfied.

Why Choose Us?

Clearly stated and described services, affordable and competitive prices using organic cleaning products

No Gimmicks

Note: We don’t use the same carpet cleaning machinery for upholstery cleaning to avoid re-infestation.

Contact us now to make an appointment and get a free quote!